I create Ethereum Developer Video courses. And I need your help.

Hey everyone,

if you ever searched for video courses on Ethereum Development, there is a great chance you came across one of my courses. I've been creating video courses about Ethereum Development since beginning of 2016 and I always tried to keep the price tag low so everyone can join, but without neglecting the depth of what you'll learn. For example, my courses are hovering at around 1.5 starbucks latte's, or $10 to $15 on Udemy, some of them are even for free, but cover everything from theory to practice, Solidity, Truffle, Geth, etc etc, name it, it's in there. Essentially, I was hoping that I will reach a wide audience and teach them the beauty of blockchain development without the necessity to spend thousands of dollars, but still having the value that you learn more than enough to go out and actually build something. My goal was always that someone who finishes the course has fundamentally understood the tools and workflows and can apply it to pretty much anything Ethereum or even Blockchain related. So far so good.

Now, one of the biggest challenges throughout the year(s) is keeping either the courses or the materials updated. No other ecosystem is moving that fast and things break or get outdated on a weekly basis, literally. I barely have a week where I don't shake my head about some non-backwards compatibility which breaks everything and I didn't expect it. I understand it, it moves fast, but it has been a pain, for me as well as for the students.

I want to avoid telling people in the course to checkout a specific (old) version of some specific library or tool. It would save me a ton of work, but I have the feeling that this is not what you should learn. You want to get into cutting edge tech, you should be able to apply it to the cutting edge lib.

Here is where you come in: We just launched a 40h course bundle which takes you from the very basics to some more advanced topics. And I need your help. I need someone with some development background, but little to no blockchain development knowledge, who is looking to expand his knowledge into the blockchain world give me some thorough feedback. Unfortunately, all I can offer in return at this point is having a wide open ear and give you the course for free. I know, it's not much of a saving considering the initial price tag, but I'd be delighted anyways if someone would be willing to jump in.

I want to know where I missed to answer your questions you might had before you started the course. I want to know if something is not working as expected or unclear. I don't mean the little things, I mean those things you can't figure out without fiddling around a little bit that make you want to walk totally away from the blockchain world. I want to know if something is utterly confusing, or where I have to work harder to make my point clear. Or at which point you stopped listening and just turned it off.

Ideally, I am looking for developers without any (or only little) prior experience in Solidity/Ethereum Development, but with some development background. Like WebDevs, JavaScript, or Java, or Python, or PHP, whatever it is, you name it. As long as you got your hands dirty with some coding in the past. Meaning, these courses are *not* for management-type people who are looking into blockchain project management techniques or how to do and market a fancy ICO/STO. These courses are hands-on developer courses and therefore things like Git or NodeJS should not throw you off completely. I assume the majority of people here are comfortable with hands-on. I would be surprised if not.

You can help shape the next course and help me make it dramatically better than the last eight courses at the parts where I failed to serve you whilst still keeping the price tag low. I don't want to keep making courses, which is fun, but repeat mistakes I don't see.

If you feel like this resonates with you or you know someone who could benefit of this then please fill out this form https://thomaswiesner.typeform.com/to/xRiwST you'd help me and possibly others a lot. I will see how many people come together and try to choose all or wisely a subset.

If you have any other questions, let me know, I'm active here in the comments as well.

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