TCR Party – A Twitter Curated Registry

Hey /r/Ethereum

We wanted to let this community know about a product that we've released on Ropsten called "TCR Party" –

Our team (Alpine) hasn't been too sold on the idea of a TCR because we feel as though they end up becoming subjective beauty contests. So in this case, we decided to build a subjective beauty contest in the form of a TCR curating the "top" 100 crypto twitter accounts.

The product consists of a slightly modified TCR, a twitter bot that manages a multisig on a user's behalf, and a twitter bot that retweets list members.

We were not only looking to test our assumptions about TCRs, but test existing interfaces that millions of users already know how to interact with (Twitter).

Would love to see a few of the community members come join us and help break/participate in this thing.

*This is a non-monetary project – there's no financial gain on this, this is an experiment to create a usable TCR*



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