The power of ethtrader to influence the course of Ethereum development

With all of the discussions about ways to fund the dev teams and improvements to the Ethereum ecosystem, I can't get this thought out of my head that there are currently ~205,000 subscribers here at ethtrader. That's a lot of people! This subreddit alone is half the size of the city of Miami, Florida where Vitalik first revealed Ethereum.

Let's do some quick maths.

If every user in this subreddit donated $0.01 to a Gitcoin grant each month, that's $2050.00 a month / $24600.00 a year.

If every user in this subreddit donated $0.10 to a Gitcoin grant each month, that's $20,500.00 a month / $246,000.00 a year.

If every user in this subreddit donated $1.00 to a Gitcoin grant each month, that's $205,000.00 a month / $2,460,000.00 a year.

Well a penny may feel like a drop in the bucket, those same drops can form a tsunami.

You matter. Your contributions of time, energy, and money that you put towards Ethereum matter.

I urge each and every one of you to donate to a Gitcoin grant today. For any contributions made to Gitcoin Grants from 2/1/19 to 2/15/19, Gitcoin will ensure a matching contribution via the $25,000 in funding we have allocated for this round.

Don't have money? Donate your time and talents to worthwhile open source projects. Write educational materials. Contribute your throughts and opinions to EIP discussions over at Ethereum Magicians. Tackle some issues on Github repo's like Prysmatic Labs' Good First Issues.

I know some of you are saying, "Hey, aren't the devs loaded?!" And to those people, I implore you to take a look at this chart and understand that some dev teams are scraping by. Don't believe me? Ask them yourselves and they will be honest about the runway they have left. Yes, some teams are funded, but at the same time what project couldn't benefit from more funding (more team members, bug bounties, etc).

Besides, I'm sure we've all thought of tools and ideas that would be easily funded and produced by the community. Want a cooler wallet that interacts with every dapp? We can make that happen. Want more indicators to help decide protocol changes? We can build that. If we all helped even a little bit, we could improve the value of our own investments by building out the ecosystem, cultivating developer talent pool, and create more reasons for adoption.

It's a cycle. Every dev that gets funded improves the ecosystem and improves their skills, we benefit from the funded project, and % of people trying the new projects will become active users, the next funder, next community project dev, and/or "core" Ethereum protocol dev. Even devs that make smaller projects influence EIPs and ERCs. The market demand and use cases we create today directly influence what Ethereum will become in the future.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I hope some of you see this post and are inspired to take action because investing into the Ethereum community is easiest way to help solidify its future value. A penny or an hour spent today could make your bags worth twice as much.

Stay classy ethtrader.

(Shameless plug for EthHub / get involved with EthHub.)