Re: current banner making demands of Ethereum devs: not in my name

I realise that the banner on this subreddit can be bought with 'donuts'. It is therefore little more than another posted comment, with which some may agree, some disagree. But appearing as the banner gives the appearance at first glance that this is somehow an official stance of the subreddit.

So I'd like to say 'not in my name' about the current banner I'm seeing. It reads: "WE DEMAND CONSTANTINOPLE. ANY FURTHER DELAY IS INEXCUSABLE. DO NOT MAKE PERFECT THE ENEMY OF GOOD!!" Yes, in caps (shouting).

First, Ethereum devs don't owe you anything. You have no right to make demands. Being rude and shouting will get you nowhere fast.

Second, I want Ethereum to remain safe. The last thing we all need is some rushed update with a bug no-one spotted that has catastrophic effects, possibly destroying Ethereum and all confidence in it.

Third, if you are not happy about progress in Ethereum's development, then learn how to code, become a developer, and contribute to its development.