[AMA] We’re adopting Ethereum ERC-1155 to gamify our cryptocurrency exchange, Kriptomat. Ask us anything!

Hello, we are the team behind the Kriptomat exchange!

TLDR: Kriptomat will use the Enjin Platform to integrate next-generation Ethereum-based ERC-1155 tokens. This signifies the first time that a cryptocurrency exchange has chosen to adopt blockchain-based virtual items to gamify its user experience.

We hope to prove to all customer-facing businesses, both within and outside of the cryptocurrency market, that Ethereum-based rewards programs can spark impressive levels of user engagement and drive better business outcomes by providing tangible value to customers.

Read more in our blog post.


Here’s how this AMA will work:

You can ask us anything about our platform and integration of the ERC-1155 standard!

All questions will be answered by either:

  • Kriptomat CEO Srdjan Mahmutovic – signed “Srdjan” at the start of every answer.
  • Kriptomat CBDO Dejan Davidovic – signed “Dejan” at the start of every answer.
  • Kriptomat Content Manager Žiga P. Škraba – signed "Ziga" at the start of every answer.


One-of-a-kind giveaway using Ethereum-based rewards

To commemorate our adoption of the ERC-1155 Ethereum standard, we're launching an exclusive collection of Kriptomat's Founders Tokens in collaboration with Enjin.

We will distribute the Kriptomat Founders’ Tokens to the earliest qualifying participants. Tokens will be available to claim from 20:00 CET on the 10th of February to 20:00 CET on the 10th of March 2019.

Claim your free tokens now: https://kriptomat.io/kriptomat-enjin-giveaway/

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