Simplifying taxes across the board..

What are the chances that US tax law is over simplified in the future?

Meaning.. capital gains tax is calculated as it is for stocks. If you hold onto your “investment” for a period of at least one year and then convert back into USD you are taxed the smaller amount (10 or 15%?).. if you hold your investment under a year, you are taxed at the higher rate upon converting back to USD.

Trades in between buying and selling for USD don’t count, since there was no trade back to fiat. So if you were to buy $10,000 worth of ethereum at $100 a piece, and made multiple trades in between to increase your ETH holdings to 200 ETH, even if the price upon selling your 200 in the end was still $100 per ETH, you would only be taxed on that $10,000 profit.. not whatever wacky trades you may have made to get to 200 ETH..

I don’t even know if that makes sense…