Introducing World’s Fair—a decentralized Ethereum + IPFS based application that allows creators to transform their artwork into a digital asset and potentially generate massive amounts of money for charities, in addition to being an open source, trustless, and permissionless identity provider.

The best way I can describe World’s Fair (currently live on the Rinkeby Test Network) is that it’s like a decentralized version of Reddit + Patreon, on the blockchain, that has also has the capacity to generate truly massive amounts of money for charities and non-profit organizations working for the common good (including my personal favorite—MAPS). I'm hoping that World's Fair (which is completely open source with an extensively documented API) can be an example of a popular public-facing application that shows what Ethereum is capable of.

And here’s an excerpt from the whitepaper:

> World's Fair is a decentralized application which gives creators and artists a way to easily record and tokenize their original content on the Ethereum blockchain and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). Revenue from selling shares of such a digital asset (which supporters can buy with regular ether) provides a means of financing intellectual works through collective ownership, making it profitable for creators to release their creations freely to all and eliminating the necessity of monetization schemes based on the restriction and/or manipulation of human attention. The World's Fair contract requires that the buyer of asset shares always specify the new asking price at which they are willing to resell those shares, thereby ensuring liquidity and reflecting how much something is worth—which is to say *value*—in a secure, transparent, and democratic way. *Decentralized consensus makes it possible to bring value into existence through the act of measuring it*. Furthermore, buyers who are able to accurately recognize undervalued content/assets may actually realize a profit by reselling their stake at a premium if the consensus value of that asset rises. Like a water wheel in a stream, World's Fair is a mechanism designed to tap into the raw speculation-driven flow of capital through crypto markets, autonomously allocating funds to reward creativity and vision while generating a manipulation-resistant feed of new art, ideas, and open source technology for the benefit of our world.

You can read the entire whitepaper here: [](

Thank you for reading and I’m extremely interested in getting questions and feedback from this community.

P.S. let me know if anyone needs some Rinkeby ether to play around with the site, I'll send you some!