User experience matters: seeking feedback for a layer-2 generalized state channel mobile app’s design

Dear Ethereum community,

Onboarding experience for Ethereum is super important since it is the first step towards mass adoption. We have devoted a lot of time to make Ethereum faster with our generalized state channel tech. At the same time, we care deeply about UX for layer-2 scaling. Onboarding to layer-2 Ethereum was not attempted before. During the first release of user-facing mobile app last year, we sort of "cheated" and did not require user to spend any effort to onboard.

In this second beta release of our layer-2 state channel mobile app CelerX ( ), we tried to make the user onboarding flow closer to real main net launch.

This is the first-ever attempt to design a full-fledged onboarding UX for state channel on Ethereum. It is not perfect. Therefore, we would deeply appreciate the community's feedback on our design.

We are also conducting 30-mins user interviews if you are interested to help, and we will provide 50DAI as a token of gratitude. If you are interested in participating, please fill out this short survey and we will contact you soon. The app is available at

Always proud to be part of Ethereum community.

-Celer Network Team

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