ETH/BTC Trading Pattern Has Completely Changed Since Jan 10

Around Jan 10, ETH and BTC have stopped trading like normal assets and have begun trading in strange stationary patterns with instant breakouts up and down. My interpretation of this is that with the death of the casual investor, the market has become dominated by algorithmic trading, trading off the same information.

In the long-term adoption is what will drive price, but in the short-term, I imagine the next movement will be determined by how these algos predict buy/sell signals.

If my interpretation is correct and these algos are simply looking at technical indicators like moving averages and momentum, my guess is that we will continue to see slow bump ups as the long-term moving average metrics continue improving as we flush out of the down moves from 2018 followed by a larger move up as we officially enter a "bull market" again, at which point some of the alts will rise from the dead.