I made a site that lets you track your ETH #DeFi activity from one dashboard. And it works on mobile – no private key / web3 browser needed!

Link : https://ethview.app

Picture: https://imgur.com/a/5XihPtQ

The site currently shows your ETH balance, ERC20 balances, MakerDao CDP information, Uniswap liquidity pool contributions / values, and Compound Finance borrowing & lending. It attempts to calculate an overall net worth based on your net asset value in each Dapp + your ETH / ERC20 token balances.

Right now it’s a fairly rough POC, but it works and wanted to get it out there to collect feedback and see if others are interested.


I have a number of different addresses I use in my hot wallets, and kept losing track of which Dapps I was participating in. I wanted one place to go to 1) remind myself of old Dapp activity and balances, 2) track my overall address net worth more easily, 3) check for updates without going to a computer with a web3 browser and signing in and/or pulling out the cold storage.


  • No web3 browser needed, and no private key (so you don’t have to break out the cold storage every time you want to check balances)
  • Works on mobile web browser so you can check from anywhere / any device
  • Integrations with top DeFi apps – Uniswap, Compound, MakerDao (more can be easily added based on feedback)
  • There is no back-end database. Nothing is saved, other than your address in local browser storage, so that you don’t have to enter it in each time (based on feedback I can make this configurable as well)

So far it’s just a small side project that solved a problem I had. If there’s any broad interest, happy to add other features and improve the UI / UX.

Note: Right now it's only using data from the follow Uniswap exchanges: DAI, MKR, SPANK, ZRX, BAT