I need to buy about $0.10 worth of Ethereum – How?

I have tried the following:

  1. Mine some Ethereum using a mining pool <- Not an option because of min payout (around $6) and fees which exceed $0.10 and I only have one GPU (so that would take days).
  2. Find a faucet <- Not an option because there are none around that pay this much.
  3. Buy some <- I can't find a place where I can buy a few cents worth of Ether quickly and fees are usually high.
  4. Swap some of my other alts for ETH <- That could have been an option but exchange fees are way too high for the purpose… And min to swap is usually set to $10.
  5. Have a friend who owns some ETH and ask him to send me some <- I don't have friends.

Any ideas? Any satoshi/bits swap service around I can use?

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