CODEX Affiliate Program

I want to tell you today about the CODEX platform and its EOS-based CDS token, which is designed to provide unparalleled value to the CODEX community through tangible profitable opportunities and useful experience on the platform. Users of the platform profit from trading CDX with other digital assets exclusively on the COMEX exchange. Trade Mining on the CODEX platform is the only acceptable way to create CDX tokens and is distributed daily 1 000 000 CDX .49% of CDX tokens are blocked. For the period of 12 months and allocated to the CODEX Fund for the needs of the platform. The rest (51%) should be distributed through commercial production.CDX tokens can only be exchanged or received as a reward,since the ICO was not conducted and the CODEX platform is self-sufficient.On the platform operates the affiliate program and the more tokens you have the more your CDX komissionno remuneration for the involved user :

  • 20% if you have 0–99,999 CDX;
  • 25% if you have 100,00–499,999 CDX;
  • 30% if you have 500,000–999,999 CDX;
  • 35% if you have 1,000,000–1,999,999 CDX;
  • 40% if you have >2,000,000 CDX.