Ethereum Is The Future Unfolding

You are all bright minds here, mostly, and I wanted to share some ideas with you that I've been thinking about.

Like many of you, I was drawn to Ethereum because of very passionate desires for the future of mankind, as well as my own. We can't forget the purposes with which we act for in this space.

I'm vowing to let my words and actions better reflect the kind of world that I think we should explore in the future. Ethereum was well represented in this hope by Vitalik, described it in his writtenn"Ethereum 6.0 response", which I've read a few times on my YouTube channel out-loud.

To see it all very slowly coming to life, is unreal, yet my concerns have grown with each passing day, because of increasing apathy that I've felt (and many have feel) as KYC/Tax-concerns/regulatory-concerns/much more, have become such distractions from the creative drives, in us, which burned to usher in this new platform (a.k.a. Ethereum, or Web3, or IoT) for governance, possibly even enabling fairer, censorship-resistant, verifiable interactions between humans & machines, into the future.

I want to imagine voluntaryist communities where I've opted onto (and maybe another blockchain is that community), where I'm not punished for leaving. I just miss out on that virtual economy.

I'm tired of gerrymandered nations, and city lines, that keep me from moving as I desire, because third parties have political agendas which my moving would violate.

I'm tired of paying a tax, unless it's for the fees in the network I use.

I'm ready to help drive forward the vision that many of us signed up, while focusing less on the bullshit. Let's speak up, and dream, people. Words and ideas matter. Don't let lack of money stop those two things that you can share for free, for the most part.

Thanks for reading. I just needed to get that out of my chest, and hope you'll consider why you started working in this space (even investing is working, because of your vested interest in it's success). When you get past the money and profits, what kind of future do you want to living, and do you want generations to possibly live in?

As I yell my dog Wallace, "think aboutttt itttt!"

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