Flawless execution on the first and second of ten 100,000 DAI auctions on the DutchX!

We are happy to announce that the first and second high volume auctions on the DutchX worked flawlessly, proving that the DutchX trading protocol can handle big orders without any setbacks!

The first #DutchXDAI auction (auction index 3) closed at 0.00701071 DAI/ETH, while the price of the same pair on Bitfinex was 0.00709760. Bidders received a 1.23% discount.

The second #DutchXDAI auction (auction index 12) closed at 0.00694966 DAI/ETH, while the same pair’s price was 0.00712507 on Bitfinex. In this case, bidders received a 2.25% discount!

This proves two important points:

  1. The DutchX trading protocol has no issue handling high volume orders.
  2. The auctions’ closing prices are not far from market prices.

The next auction will begin after 7:30pm CET on March 11th. Follow #DutchXDAI on Twitter to for updates and start times for the following auctions!

To bid on auctions on the DutchX trading protocol, you can use any of the following:

Fairdex bidder interface: http://www.fairdex.net/

CLI for technical users: https://dutchx.readthedocs.io/en/latest/cli.html

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