You can now Upload Large Documents to the Ethereum Blockchain

It used to cost about .2 Ether per Kilobyte to upload documents to the blockchain, which made it impossible to store large files. developed a new technique which costs only 0.00008 Ether per Kilobyte to upload, and downloads are free. A 1 mb file only costs .08 Ether to store in the blockchain!

The following features have been included:

  1. You can encrypt any file with a password, which must be entered for your file to be downloaded.
  2. Your files may appear in the Blockchain Directory, or you may choose to keep them hidden (or not downloadable at all).
  3. You may edit the following fields for your files at any time: Description, Keywords, Visible, and Downloadable.

The following files have already been uploaded by different users, so you can now download these files from the Ropsten Blockchain, for free:

  1. The entire Bible: 2.3mb
  2. Breakfast of Champions, by Kurt Vonnegut: 1.2mb
  3. Beethoven's 9th, 2nd movement: 1.5mb
  4. Art by Picasso, Dali, and Roger Dean: 1.3mb
  5. Hamlet, by Shakespeare: 423k
  6. Singin' In The Rain, by Gene Kelly: 948k
  7. Several original music compositions, by me: 2.5mb
  8. The Robert Mueller Report (password protected): 366k

Please support this project, by uploading some worthwhile files.

Thank you!

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