Differences between the next bull run and earlier bull runs

The barrage of positive TA and trends being posted prompted me to consider if the underlying conditions are truly the same the next time a bull run appears. In my mind, as good as the TA picture looks, there will be 2 distinct differences next time around. How much of an impact these differences have is to be determined:

1) People will be taking profits this time around, probably to a fault. A common theme in the 2018 bear run is regret from not taking enough, or any, profits on the way up in 2017. People are being urged to have a concrete plan to take profits the next time, and may actually over compensate by selling more than they should, or actually want to.

2) A lot of people are over invested or over leveraged, have taken heavy paper losses, and are just looking for a break even point to get out entirely. They will sell their entire position when their average cost hits.

So, while the next bull run can absolutely surpass the previous ATHs, there is going to be enormous sell pressure on the way up as people panic to take profits this time around, or hit their DCA amount and cash out to break even. Any thoughts on what affect these might have on the next bull run?