What to expect from EDCON2019 — a preview on the topics of EDCON speeches #3

What attending events in the crypto space means to most of us is that, it is a perfect chance to get the most up-to-date info. about leading and emerging projects, be it their technology progress or their business and community development roadmaps.

So EDCON team would like to make a series announcements about the main contents of the speech of our speakers, which might be the biggest concern to most of our attendees.


See the announcement #1 & #2


Speaker: David Suárez @IDEN3

Topic: Scalable Distributed Identity Management Infrastructure with Privacy by Design

Brief: David will speak about the current status of the project, with the advances on our Zero-Knowledge Proof technology based on zkSNARKs and the modules and protocols of their identity platform which they hope can be the foundation of many other projects. He will also provide some example use cases of iden3 future applications.


Speaker: Kimmy Lin @AMIS

Topic: Practical Interoperability Solutions

Brief: Kimmy will be talking about how they are trying to strike a balance between wallet usability and transaction security/auditability by implementing hierarchical threshold signature that meets the needs for highly regulated financial organizations as an enterprise crypto wallet and custodian.


Speaker: Peter He @ContractLand

Topic: Building Scalable Dapps with the Ethereum Application-Specific Blockchain Framework

Brief: Present-day blockchain technology have shown promise as infrastructure for pseudonymous online payments, cheap remittance, trustless digital asset exchange, and smart contracts. However, public blockchain systems suffers from a number of issues in scalability and extensibility limiting their potential in supporting applications with critical mass. In this talk, he presents a framework for solving blockchain scalability using application-specific blockchains. Scalability is addressed on both the consensus layer as well as the interchain communication layer, enabling a parallel scalable architecture.


Speaker: Tegan Kline @Orchid

Topic: The Internet is a Basic Human Right

Brief: The internet started with good intentions, but has become a fragmented place, depending on your region. The internet has become monopolized and people are selling your data and information without your consent. Learn how we can take back our internet and make it a more natural place. Internet is a human right.


Speaker: Bob Jiang @HiBlock.one

Topic: Building community one block at a time

Brief: Early innovators are working to change the world with Blockchain technology, while we’ve seen the industry cycles cooling on the trading in 2018. It brought us back to focus development and talent training. Interestingly at this early stage of the cryptoeconomic world, the momentum the Ethereum community is the most influential factor in building a healthy ecosystem for the corresponding token technologies. Our efforts directly translate to increased utility and increased economic activities. As a technical community leader who worked to bridge between the Chinese crypto community to Australian and European communities, he would like to share following contents: – Why we need technical community; – How to build a technical community; – What should be included or excluded in a technical community.


Speaker: Simon Kertonegoro @Enjin

Topic: Driving Mass Adoption of Ethereum

Brief: In his talk, Enjin's VP of Marketing will discuss how adoption-focussed projects can make Ethereum more accessible by developing simple tools and even simpler messaging.


Speaker: Yaz Khoury ETC Cooperative

Topic: ETC: Wanted, Dev or Alive

Brief: An overview of development tools in Ethereum Classic that are useful for Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. Furthermore, the talk will explore use-cases for developers using both networks and how ETH and ETC can continue cooperation in the spirit of improving the ecosystem for the developers.


Speaker: Amit Joshi @HashPrix

Topic: Challenges and Future of Healthcare on Blockchain

Brief: Amit will cover the global landscape of how the healthcare sector can be disrupted with blockchain applications but choosing the right combination and infrastructure is as important as willing stakeholders. It further goes on to elaborate on how this could be tokenized.


Speaker: Ryuya Nakamura @LayerX Inc.

Topic: Formal verification and CBC Casper

Brief: He is going to talk about his experience related to the application of formal methods (KEVM, Isabelle) on blockchain space and their project to formally verify CBC Casper.

The next announcement of this series is coming soon. Please stay tuned! Write your comments below if you have any thoughts, questions or doubts.

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