I’m hosting a weekly videochat for Ethereum enthusiasts at 12am UTC tonight

I will be holding a weekly video discussion every Wednesday 12pm UTC and Thursday 12am UTC (8am & 8pm EST) for all crypto enthusiasts to promote discussion on any Ethereum project you may be working on, interested in, or actively using. The first meetup is tonight (12am UTC), and next Wednesday I'll be hosting both meetup times. I'm offering two meetup times to include people from all timezones.

While it's easy to keep up to date on popular Ethereum projects, it's hard to get involved in the ETH community without actively working with an established team. My goal with these online meetups is to bring people together to meet others working on projects that you wouldn't normally talk to, and to promote cross-collaboration across the Ethereum ecosystem.

Anyone is invited to come and listen or participate! A few minutes before the discussion tonight, I'll comment on this thread with the Google Hangouts link to join.

Edit: if there's something you'd like to talk about, please comment below and the order of comments will be the meeting agenda. The project you'll be sharing can be anything from a personal project to CryptoKitties.