Would you get paid in ETH if you could?

Hey all. I am the Co-Founder of Zabo. We are releasing an app this year that lets you allocate a portion of your paycheck (direct deposit, paper check) between cash and crypto.

Before working on Zabo our team did smart contract dev and auditing (as Modular). Our CEO Christopher Brown created the EthPM Golang implementation and we also have some open-source Ethereum libraries as well.

Question is: how many of you would opt to split a portion of your pay into ETH automatically? If the answer is "Yes", what type of custody would you prefer?

We are trying to get a sense of how many people / teams would want something like this and how many would want self-custody vs custodial wallets. We currently pay 40% our team 100% in ETH (both international) and the process is not ideal – it's manual and involves more steps than it should.

Really appreciate your feedback.

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