Hi! We are live on the testnet and in need of testers for our new 0x Relayer

Hello Ethtrader! Our relayer Orion Tradex is on the Kovan Testnet and will go live on mainnet on the 19th. We do not necessarily have enough feedback from our private testers yet and I would like to extend the invitation to users in this group who may be interested in trying it out and providing some feedback. We are hoping to find 10 testers and will compensate you for your time in Ether if you would like to help. Your feedback will be used for improvements in the next update. Thank you so much!

Quick video tutorial with links provided


If you would like detailed testing instructions please PM me and I will send you the document. Have a good day!

– Gian

(PS, this is a new account so I cannot reply to comments in this subreddit yet, I will respond to you through PM)