Looking for reassurance that the following situation is a scam of some kind and I wouldn’t have profited as largely as I think.

So not too long ago I made an account on the exchange crex24. For some reason I had hundreds of shares of a token called Thorecoin (THR is the symbol) on said exchange. This token was valued at around 30 cents during this time. Unfortunately, I had a student loan that needed a payment to be made so I cashed out THR for a couple hundred dollars to cover what was needed. Here THR is a few weeks/months whatever later and one single share is $500 dollars?!! I feel sick that I would have had a few hundred THOUSAND dollars as opposed to just a few hundred dollars if it wasn’t for needing immediate cash.

Did I miss an opportunity here or is this too fishy where Crex24 would never have let me see this money?


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