The first state channel based Keno!

We Have just released our new game Keno!

Try it out

About Dicether? What does us change from other gambling related dApps?

  • More than provably fair! We can prove that a bet was provably fair and additional that the player got his money back!
  • Fast: after creating a game session (one transaction) the bets are instant! Only if a conflict arises the bet is processed on chain.  
  • Transparent: Not only our smart contract is opensource, but our front-end, too. Check our github profile.  
  • Active development: Check our github profile! We are much more active than all other blockchain based casinos.
  • Multiple different games.
  • We are taking security seriously:    
    • Extensively tested smart contract.       
    • Sign in with wallet using EIP-712.    
    • All important security headers are enabled.     
    • DNSECC is activated (DNS spoofing protection).

I am interested int the technical details!

What's coming next:

  • Switching from web3to ethers.js in our front-end implementation  
  • Releasing a simple to use api, so it's easy for others to write front-ends

tl;dr Try out keno:

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