EthTrader Member Series part two: please submit your questions for Ameen Soleimani (u/ameensol)

First, thank you very much to everybody who submitted questions for /u/jtnichol. Go check that conversation here if you haven't. Thank you too for all the nice reactions.

Next up, Ameen Soleimani

Ameen is the CEO of Spankchain. You can learn more about him and Spankchain here, and another conversation was recently published where he explains the MolochDAO project, a vehicle for funding (eth2) development. ("We could fork Substrate" was a memorable quote.) I saw him for the first time at Devcon4 and thought his talk was hilarious.

You might have seen some of his more recent contributions on r/Ethereum on Polkadot and Ryan Zurrer's position. This in part led to a wider discussion on what a moderator should be. I've also seen some posts asking Ameen to be the new Ethereum release manager, but I cannot find those.

u/ameensol and I will get hop on Skype on Wednesday afternoon (UTC) to answer the r/EthTrader community questions, which you can post and upvote in this topic. Ameen is @ameensol on Twitter.

And as always, if you have any feedback, feel free to share.