Geth and go-etheruem

I'm totally confused. I install etheruem (geth) via apt-get from the recommended repositories, get a testnet synced, play with the console, and all seems well. then I hop over to a tutorial as I'd like to put a basic contract up and play with it, but every tutorial says install go-ethereum via go install go-ethereum. When I do that, then I have multiple geth executables, so it seems I don't need either the apt-get or the go install go-etheruem. I already have geth installed via apt-get and running as a service.

secondly, all these tutorials say to install go-etheruem, then walk you through an easy .sol file, but abigen isn't installed even with go-etheruem. And then I find I need solc with boost (which I don't want boost on this build), nodejs (which I certainly don't want on this build), that every tutorial so far seems to neglect.

So with all that, whats a good way to get a contract up on testnet? I'm thinking that once the contract is up, I'll be able to interact with it with just Go and Geth. I'm trying to keep a clean build. I'm looking at remix as the alternative to installing solc, but that interface is odd and I'm not sure what I'm looking or if the contract even went anywhere.

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