US Based Exchange. Fee Free Fiat Deposits, Fee Free Trading. Launches in 24 hours


ICO Date Dec 2017

ICO Price: $0.15

Ticker: (LION)

Total Supply: 159,698,831

Circulating Supply: 79,849,416

Current Token Price: $0.02

Market Cap $764,000


New exchange that has been in development for 1.5 years is preparing for soft launch on April 1st. It is US based, fully regulated, bank account integration, fiat trading. Portfolio Management meaning you can copy a successful trader’s/whale’s portfolio at the click of a button. The token interacts with the platform by allowing for fee free trading and access to research, information and portfolios. There will be a rich UI allowing for easy checking of portfolios proven track record etc.

CoinLion Summary of Features and Selling Points:

This is a cryptocurrency trading platform, offering not only traditional exchange functionality but a deeper more robust service with advanced trading tools more familiar to traditional markets.

There will be portfolio management with a rich social and community element that rewards successful traders who wish to share their portfolios and research for a fee to other users. Less experienced traders can choose to pay LION to access portfolios and information from successful traders. No YouTube / Twitter shills with masked success. Everything will be integrated into the platform it's self with traceable history of success and failure.

Everything will be US based and fully regulated. By choosing this route, Coin Lion will be able to offer direct bank integration, USD trading and improved insurance and security. Many people are uneasy with the companies that intentionally avoid regulation by hopping between nation borders etc.

The ICO took place around the peak of the Bull Market and has since had to develop away in quiet during this long Bear Market. The original timeline was too optimistic but thankfully the market has been quiet and it allowed the team to work harder on a better product. The Soft Launch will be the first step in getting the platform out to the public. Not all features will be there at launch, but they will be added over time.

There are many attractive selling points about this Exchange. One of the most important is being based in the US and fully regulated. This is huge to many investors who value security over anonymity.

If you compare CoinLion to other exchanges and their respective tokens you will see the potential is huge. Also, the price is currently way below ICO, mostly due to the unfortunate timing of the ICO being during the peak of the Bull market, which makes it an even better opportunity.

I would recommend popping onto the Telegram if you have any questions, the community are helpful and the team are in there regularly. Here is the telegram invite link: