Help: 1 ETH locked up in Ethereum Name Service linked to Old Parity Wallet

Back in 2017, I locked up about 0.97 ETH to register a domain name on the Ethereum Name Space smart contract platform. The address it was linked to was generated using the old Parity browser, which is currently unsupported and unavailable. I would like to retrieve this Ether.

I have the seed phrases to the Parity wallet, but I no longer have the Parity browser or plugin installed, and I can't seem to access it. If I did have it installed, I was thinking I could at least export the private key, but now I personally have no way to do that.

My question is, is my Ethereum recoverable? Also, I don't even know how to get my ETH back from the name space service. I remember reading somewhere that you could just "not renew it" when it expired after a year, and it would somehow be returned. But still seems to be locked up.

So if it's even possible to get it back, and if someone can help me retrieve the Ethereum, I'm willing to give half of that amount as a reward. I am willing to entrust someone with the seed phrases to retrieve the ETH, if it is possible. If you are able to help, please post and outline your plan in the comments, and please do so under a reputable account. If it seems like a sound plan, and you have a reputable account, I will give you the seed phrase to do what you need to do.

Please help! Thank you!