What’s the Solution of Karatcoin?

What’s the Solution?
Aside the blockchain, there are other solutions touted by the project as milestones to returning gold to the path of hitherto lost glory. In the light of decreased market value, Karatcoin is using smart contracts for redistribution of resources. For the asset (gold), reduced market value will be avoided as inability to meet set targets will see investors having back their funds and await better time to trade.

Automation is also at its best as there will be efficiency in matching orders. Furthermore, there will be safe-keeping of users’ assets. This is in consonance with what a bank does. On the Karatcoin ecosystem, the storage will be in form of a vault with bullion gold bars stretched out. This is typical replica of how gold is stored in reality.

Have you often wondered why you’re yet to come across gold and might not actually have contact with one for a long time? It all boils down to the production line. Apart from many orders that keep gold miners on their feet, there are also instances where funds constitute the major downside.

Karatcoin does away with these by funding gold mines. This is not fiat; the platform had already forged alliance with several gold mines. This gives it leverage to be part of the production process and offering helping hand (such as funding) when need be.


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