Crypto is slowly turning into a real INVESTMENT, the real reason the bear is ending ***

I've been watching for months waiting to post this. I've experimented with some of this below. Ignore this perception change at your OWN RISK. You see the action today right? This is nothing btw to the gains to come in a real bull market.

  1. Decentralized Finance apps to be able to make collateralized LOANS is a thing. A big thing as the rates are transparent and low. No credit check is needed because collateral backs the risk. Things like Maker Dao/DAI lending, Compound, etc
  2. There are now several organizations/companies paying interest on crypto holdings! This is a very very real change of character as crypto is being treated as a REAL ASSET than can deliver you income streams even if you don't stake.

a. Check out CELSIUS NETWORK, Blockfi, Uphold/credearn websites and news. These companies are paying crypto interest income to you. They are also paying on USD Stablecoins at rates no bank can match! You woke yet?

b. Several are beginning to launch staking services to complement the interest part as well or you can join a staking organization/ Check out Battlestar Capital and Celsius news for more.

c. For those who don't get it yet…these organizations will be in the market Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly with a potentially infinite BID to buy crypto for HODLERS and to take the supply OFF market

  1. FINALLY: It's one thing to bash crypto, to be a crypto bear or crypto troll…but #'s don't lie and neither do fundamentals. You can hate crypto to death but when a pseudo crypto stable token based on USD is paying you double the CD rates from Jp morgan or CITI, you will be forced to wake up if nothing because your financial health depends on it! These stablecoins rates will bring capital into the ecosystem. The current financial system we have is there to IMPRISON working and middle class as the math doesn't work for you there. In crypto we can see the makings of math that works for the PEOPLE again when it comes to streams of income. People will actually have a chance at retirement now. With proper managing of these areas along with favorable tax law to allow people to SPEND crypto and stablecoins with no tax issue, sky is no limit.