As the name CUREStoken might suggest one of the core aims of the CURES project is to globalize the health industry thus increasing its quality, competitiveness and inclusiveness. At the moment of writing this article it is considered that the business users of the token will be the private providers of medical services including clinics, hospitals and private practitioners. The token ecosystem does not preclude any government funded or state hospital from benefiting, in fact this is a very viable option. As an example the UK government have already funded operations in France, with hospital costs rising faster than the rate of GDP and revenue from taxes that fund the hospital costs, this could be a very viable and expedient way forward to alleviate the current and future crises. Taking even a smaller niche in the private healthcare we are also aiming to serve those medical providers who are developing and offering medical tourism services (for people traveling to a country other than their own to obtain medical treatment).

CUREStoken has been forged out of a desire to help address this problem, by decentralizing the health care system, empowering patients, Health App developers, Medical Service Providers and Equipment Suppliers, embracing innovative technology in order to reduce costs and maximize scarce resources within the sector, creating near virtual competition, capitalizing on synergy which in turn adds value to all relevant stake holders.

Due to the global nature of the CUREStokenproject, this transcends boundaries using the blockchain powered marketplace, mitigating lengthy waiting times and the possibility of contracting diseases, may be overcame. With an aging population whom already has probably a lower immune system and more susceptible to contracting diseases, this can be an even more serious and sometimes life threatening issue. Currently there are 10 quite common diseases that can be contracted in Hospitals, MRSA probably being the most well-known.

What's Cures Token Has To Offer

Ease of access

To nurture a truly dynamic system it is important that the access to the facilities is open to everyone, regardless of their location. Mobile Health Apps (HAPPS) will facilitate ease of access even on the move.


Due to the very nature of blockchain, transactions are secure, aided by a decentralized system. Furthermore, due to our vetting, verification, quality control procedures and review system, the patient can be assured of the highest quality healthcare.


The long-term trend, as with many other tokens, is probably for the value to rise and should that be the case, not only would the patient ultimately receive more treatment for the same amount of tokens, but in case a treatment is no longer required, they can sell the tokens for an increased value.


The patient now has the option of taking control of their healthcare at a time and place that is convenient to them. No longer will they be restricted to referrals made by doctors or other professionals, but have the right, through ease of access, combined with our comprehensive search and review system to make an informed choice.There are many advantages as indicated above and a further advantage not related to stake-holders of the token is that through reducing costs, maximizing scare resources, providing a platform for perfect competition and adding value, we will alleviate the tremendous burden that the existing healthcare system is experiencing. This will become even more imperative as time progresses and the burden multiplies.

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