[Governance Poll – Restart] Should the Community Fund donuts be used to pay the DAONUT developers?

Background and discussion on the poll can be found here:


The general idea is to compensate the developers working on the DAONUT project, which is currently only /u/carlslarson but will hopefully include at least one additional developer, with the 300,000 donuts currently being allocated every week to the Community Fund.

The hope is that the funding will help sustain and incentivize the work being done on the DAONUT, to help bring forward the date that /r/EthTrader becomes the first Reddit community to have natively integrated ERC20 donut tokens.


Apologies, I didn't set up the original poll, found here, correctly for a governance poll. A poll has to be selected as a governance poll when being created to activate the decision threshold mechanism, and has to be set for 5 days (default is 1 day).

If you voted in the previous poll, please vote here as well. Thanks and sorry again for the mix-up.

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