Running on Ethereum: XYO Partners with Leading Ride-Sharing and Electric Scooter Company to Build Out Crypto-Enabled Scooters

ERC-20 token XYO has partnered with a ride-sharing and electric scooter company to put their crypto-location technology into electric scooters. They'll begin with scooters in San Diego, and if all goes well, build out within the unnamed company's worldwide fleet of scooters. They are not naming the company currently in order to respect discussions and integration currently underway, but both companies will eventually release a joint statement. XYO has said it is a ride-sharing company that has provided billions of rides and is also building out an electric scooter fleet.

This is REAL WORLD ADOPTION that this industry desperately needs. I'm excited to see who the partner is and what XYO puts inside their scooters. Full story here:

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