Enyway – German Energy Startup using Ethereum Blockchain

I have known Enyway for some time and wanted to share their new innovative energy concept with you.

Already last year they launched a new product, Enyway Change.

They want to realize the energy change in Germany. Without the participation of energy companies and above all mega cheap.

Because you can participate directly in the construction of a common solar plant. Thus everyone receives immediately green electricity at the purchase price – for the complete consumption! There is no energy company that stands between you and makes a profit.

But why do I tell you the whole thing, quite simply, because Enyway relies on the Ethereum Blockchain. What do they do with it?

"We're detailing the ownership of the solar plant in the Change project. For the administration, the contractual relationships and conditions are laid down in a Smart Contract and published on the Blockchain. In addition, the contract information is hashed and referenced in the blockchain, taking data protection into account. Each customer is assigned a very specific portion of a system that corresponds to the previously selected package. In addition, further information about the installation and proof of its existence in the block chain is transparently secured."

Most information is unfortunately only available in German: https://www.enyway.com/de/site/change/change-faq-dlt#dlt_enyway

But for me the complete project including the blockchain is one of the innovatists in the energy sector in Germany. Here the energy production and the property of the plants are put directly into the hands of the customers and the produced electricity, despite the initial construction costs for the solar plant, is cheaper than if one would obtain it over a regular electricity supplier.