Official statement of mods requested

A few weeks ago there was a debate about what the function of mods ought to be, this happened because people asked Afri to be removed as mod since he decided to leave the community. Also, the role of u/rzurrer as a mod was highly questionable, because of his role at Polkadot and private interactions with various people which showed his intentions are dubious. We haven't heard anything from the mods since then, it looks like nothing has been done and actually acting on the request of the majority of the r/ethereum community was avoided successfully. A few days ago some drama came up on Twitter, which brought the issue up again here. Afri took the responsibility to remove himself as a mod. u/rzurrer has only done more damage by this comment.

Some people advocate it's not all that important and it's just twitter drama (let's focus on the important stuff). However, more people seem to disagree with that and think it's important enough to address. I personally understand that there are people who prefer to avoid conflict, however, I think avoiding this all together is more damaging. Some people have no problems playing dirty and being nice guys and friendly in every situation won't benefit Ethereum. Some things can't and shouldn't be tolerated. The mod team at r/ethtrader is doing a tremendous job, I would argue that subreddit is also harder to manage because they are less strict and more trolls participate. Yet, there are rarely issues.

What's concerning for me is that:

  1. We haven't had any reaction from the mods towards the position of Afri or u/rzurrer. I applaud Afri's decision to remove himself, with that the issue has solved itself more or less. But what are the other mods going to do with u/rzurrer? Avoiding and ignoring the topic isn't going to solve it. It's time to take responsibility.
  2. I'm very glad u/econoar is a mod now, he's an outstanding member of the broader community and a voice of reason, with the best interest to grow and inform about Ethereum as a technology, meanwhile also stressing the importance of the economic soundness of ETH as a currency. Why hasn't there been an official statement that he has been added as a mod though? FYI, it doesn't mean u/econoar is added, u/rzurrer shouldn't be removed.

TL;DR can we have more transparency from the mods? (Also, there has been a lot of complaints about posts not showing up, would be nice to have mods helping improve the subreddit, automod, welcoming message).

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