Introducing ETH Banner Bot

Hello fellow Ethereum fans!👋

I’ve been an infrequent poster, long time lurker of this sub, and a habitual reader of the daily thread.

I’ve seen chatter about this mythical “banner” on ethtrader that’s been a bit of a mystery to me as an exclusively mobile reddit user.

I happen to be a web engineer for my day job, so I thought it’d be a fun learning exercise to code up a reddit bot that would allow mobile and “old-reddit” users to summon a direct link to the r/ethtrader banner on-demand.

It’s easy to use, just say !bannerbot somewhere in your comment on r/ethtrader and the bot (u/EthBannerBot) should reply to you within a few minutes with a direct link to the current banner image.

I see this bot mostly being used by those who see cryptic comments such as “wow, that new banner is ridiculous” and want to see the banner for themselves without having to go find a desktop or laptop computer. Another use case would be courteous desktop users who want to summon the bot to provide context for their discussion to everyone, regardless of their preferred browsing medium.

Not the most useful bot, I’ll grant you that, but a fun little project to tinker with and one I hope a few people will enjoy.

Thanks for your interest and happy crypto-ing!