New Incredibly Stunning Ethereal RPG game, NEON DISTRICT — most valuable item auction before Season starts this coming May

Upcoming cyberpunk RPG Neon District closes out on a successful founder sale. The Season Zero Baus auction is now the only one remaining asset before the opening launch that’s expected in May.

This exclusive ND game item is about to join the ranks of other notable valuable high-ticket tokenized items sold from the likes of CryptoKitties (CK), God Unchained (GU), and CryptoSpaceCommander (CSC) as it has reached the triple digits, currently with the highest bidder at 100ETH, and today is the final day with the few remaining hours ticking down for the auction.

Here is a first look at the combat gameplay of Neon District featuring a sneak peek of Baus in action.

A link to the auction taking place on OpenSea:

Some of the things involve with having Baus:

—Exclusive gameplay and perks

—Collaborating directly with the Neon District team to help make design decisions

Some of the components you’ll help determine:

—Power, mechanics, and gameplay

—Color Scheme

—Background Music

—Custom Avatar/Logo

—The Baus’ attributes

—Background Setting (potential logo)

Owning the Season 0 Boss potentially confers the following advantages:

—You can customize his dialogue (Season 0)

—You get a report of who he has defeated (Season 0)

—You can use him as a character in a limited number of missions a day (Season 1)

—You can Upgrade him (Season 1+)

—You can use him in Co-op Missions and PVP (Season 2+)

—You can sell him


Who knows what other possibilities can be imagine up and implemented into actual gameplay.

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