[AMA ANNOUNCEMENT] Aragon Black on Tuesday, April 23rd @4PM UTC/GMT!

The team behind Pando is applying to become a fully fledged Aragon team and has submitted its flock proposal for review by the Aragon Association.

After review this proposal has been approved as AGP-34 to be voted upon during the 2nd Aragon Network Vote starting on April 25th 2019 16:00 UTC.

The long term goal of the Aragon Black team is to turn Aragon into the go-to choice to decentralize the governance of open-source projects and common goods. This objective has led to the articulation of a coherent set of deliverables:

– Apiary: develop an Aragon library and App that enables any DAO to fundraise via token bonding curve/continuous funding implementations.

– Aragon PM: build upon the decentralised alternative to NPM.

– Aragon Development Infrastructure: keep building Pando and experiment with Aragon managing select repositories in a decentralized fashion in tandem with research on DAOs legal status and the contributive commons licence to drive open-source sustainability.

– Enhancing the Aragon CLI and working together with other teams to allow multi-contract Apps.

– On-boarding: bringing to the Aragon ecosystem user groups that want to experiment with DAOs via targeted outreach and release of content with the Aragon Black Blog.

The full proposal can be read here: https://github.com/AragonBlack/flock/blob/master/teams/Aragon%20Black/2019%20-%20Q3%20%26%20Q4.md

Along with our forum post that contains a great deal of detail and debate:


Looking forward to seeing all your remarks and questions during our session next Tuesday!

Submitted April 15, 2019 at 10:50PM }
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