#LookingForWork junior web developer, mid level blockchain engineer, holistic architect, cheerleader, vlogger, tea boy. Remote from Melbourne Australia

If anyone knows of a role that might suit me, which would still allow me to work on peepeth (outside of work) and ideally have a day or two remote (reduce the amount of time my child is in after school care), please let me know.




Block Horses: https://github.com/blockhorses/BlockHorses

BUIDL vlog: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0hAWk9ZzL3TOcpnVXimm_uzfXvGX5-7F

Week in Ethereum: Expo/React Native + web3js boilerplate (https://github.com/abcoathup/expo-web3) in https://weekinethereumnews.com/april-5-2019/

NFT art made physical (https://link.medium.com/s66Vyil8UV) in https://weekinethereumnews.com/february-8-2019/

batching together all user transactions (https://link.medium.com/N50Fhxn8UV) in https://weekinethereumnews.com/february-2-2019

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